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My MAC Quad: Swatches & Overview

Who loves Mac eyeshadows? Me!!! I can’t resist them, honestly. I thought it would be fun to tell you what is in my Mac quad…just do some quick swatching and share my thoughts. How does that sound? I’m going to do it either way. So starting in the bottom left, going clockwise, we have: Naked Lunch,… Continue reading My MAC Quad: Swatches & Overview

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Game of Thrones Workout Challenge

Alright, so whether you’re behind on the whole GOT train, totally caught up with the Season 6 Finale but having withdrawal, or you’re like me and can re-watch the entire series because you missed so much (partly because I can’t watch TV without multi-tasking, partly because it’s so damn confusing), this is for you. So here is… Continue reading Game of Thrones Workout Challenge

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Last Weekend

Typically I aim to make my blog posts more for the readers. I don’t just want this to be a diary. I want my readers to get something out of my posts. I shall not name the person, but someone I know personally writes the worst blog ever. It’s like a diary but in list format (bad writing and… Continue reading Last Weekend

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Skincare Haul | Sunday Riley, Simple, Kate Somerville & More.

I am a few days into Whole30 at the moment and well, to be frank, I have been thinking about what I’m allowed to eat all week, debating whether or not to do it this month, preparing, and literally prepping [f00d] and I’m quite over thinking about it at the moment. I’m drained to say the least #likeeveryothermomoutthereamiright… Continue reading Skincare Haul | Sunday Riley, Simple, Kate Somerville & More.

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Summer is Here! + #MDW2016

After weeks of rain, summer has finally made it clear that she is here. In full force, too, and I’m not complaining! So, here’s some summer fun (& Davy’s preschool “graduation”… to the 4 year old class, but still precious!) before I embark on my new journey with Whole30. I’ll be sharing my Whole30 experience… Continue reading Summer is Here! + #MDW2016

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Grow Those Glutes | Tone It In Ten

Let’s get back on the grind with another Tone It In Ten workout (check out past ten minute workouts here!). Today I’m working out my favorite muscle, the booty! Or glutes, I should say. So, here we go! Don’t know how to do these? No problem! Let’s learn. Jump Squats. One of my favs because it… Continue reading Grow Those Glutes | Tone It In Ten